Sparkling Wine

This classic from the North of Italy is a delicious sparkler with aromatic pear flavours on the nose followed by a crisp palate of succulent apple and pear. Gently foamy, with a crisp and delicate finish.
125ml£4.95 | Bottle£22.95

White flowers and stone fruits with subtle hints of vanilla – fine, elegant yet rounded and beautifully balanced.
125ml£8.50 | Bottle£40.00

FRANCIACORTA Brut Vintage 2009
Encompassing finesse and complexity; the silky texture and firm backbone are balanced perfectly with floral hints and white fruits, spice and richness on the lingering finish.

White Wine

TREBBIANO & GARGANEGA, Ponte Pietra, Veneto
Zesty, delicately aromatic with light perfumes of white flowers and a touch of almonds – fresh and appealing with a lively, crisp finish.
125ml£3.30 | 175ml£4.70 | 500ml Carafe £12.00 | Bottle£17.00

A soft floral nose is followed by a delicious fruity flavour on the palate and lovely crisp finish.
125ml£3.40 | 175ml£4.60 | Bottle£17.95

GARGANEGA, Alpha Zeta, Veneto
Made from the grape famous for Soave – delicately aromatic with an attractive peachy, honeysuckle fruit character. Young, fresh and very appealing.
125ml£3.90 | 175ml £5.40 | Bottle £19.50

CHARDONNAY, Alpha Zeta, Veneto
Ripe and fresh with summer fruit aromas of nectarines and a touch of honey; attractive and lively with pure fruit and good length.
125ml£4.20 | 175ml£5.80 | Bottle£21.00

GRILLO, Cento Cavalli, Sicily
A full and fruity expression of this indigenous Sicilian grape with a lovely, lifted lime zest character and refreshing finish.
125ml£4.50 | 175ml£6.30 | Bottle£22.50

PINOT GRIGIO, Ponte del Diavolo, Grave del Friuli
From the glorious area of Grave del Friuli, this wine is packed with rich, fresh fruitflavours, honey and apple with an elegant dry finish.
125ml£4.90 | 175ml £6.90 | Bottle£24.50

BIANCO, A Mano, Puglia
Fiano gives the A Mano Bianco white peach and floral perfumes, Falanghina adds citrus blossom aromas and Verdeca lends a grapefruit character. A delicious, complex and refreshing blend from sunny Puglia.
125ml£5.00 | 175ml£7.00 | Bottle£25.00

GRECHETTO, Falesco, Umbria
From Italy’s ‘green heart’ The wine has delicate citrus and floral aromas with a fresh and vibrant style. It is full-bodied with a wonderful richness and a distinctive style.
125ml£4.90 | 175ml£6.80 | Bottle£24.00

SAUVIGNON BLANC, Ponte Del Diavolo, Grave del Friuli
Classic fresh Friuli Sauvignon, made in a modern style with lots of complexity and finesse. Stone fruits, lemon rind and chalky minerality on the palate – good acidity and nicely balanced.
125ml£4.90 | 175ml £6.90 | Bottle£24.50

VERMENTINO, di Sardegna, Aragosta, Sardinian
A fresh lively wine with an easy, pleasant texture on the palate and a delicious, reviving length on the finish.
125ml£5.50 | 175ml£6.30 | Bottle – £23.95

SOAVE CLASSICO, Pieropan, Veneto
Described as Italy’s Chablis; elegant, fresh and rounded with almond blossom, ripe citrus fruits and a long, balanced finish.
125ml£6.30 | 175ml£8.90 | Bottle £32.00

LUGANA ‘I FRATI’ Cá dei Frati, Lombardia
From undoubtedly the best producer in Lugana with grapes coming from the estates own outstanding vineyards on the southern shore of Lake Garda. Concentrated but fresh perfumes of white flowers, peaches and ripe lemons. Excellent depth and balance, with lovely richness and a crisp, lively finish.

PINOT GRIGIO RAMATO, Specogna, Colli Orientali
An aromatic ‘Ramato’ style Pinot Grigio made from fully ripened grapes that turn a copper colour and then are macerated with the fermenting juice to produce a wine with a slight onion skin colour and wonderful aromatic flavours.

GAVI DI GAVI ‘LUGARARA’ La Giustiniana, Piemonte
Outstanding estate producing Gavi of remarkable character and originality, Lugarara is one of two single vineyards wines that they produce. Fresh aromas of white peach and nectarines; concentration and weight on the palate with lemony citrus notes and a long mineral finish.

Rose Wine

ROSATO, Alpha Zeta, Veneto
A fragrant rosato of impressive gulpability; vibrant pink colour, with delicate aromas of cherry blossom, it has enough body to drink with food as well as on its own.
125ml£3.80 | 175ml£5.30 | Bottle £19.00

PINOT GRIGIO ROSATO, Ponte Pietra, Veneto
Vibrant coral pink colour gives way to a clean and delicately scented nose with hints of red fruits and cherries. Soft, rounded and highly drinkable.
125ml£4.20 | 175ml£5.80 | Bottle£21.00

A restrained style of rose from a 30-year-old vineyard that produces a delicate colour and a wine that is dry, perfumed and utterly delicious.

Red Wine

MERLOT & CORVINA, Ponte Pietra, Veneto
Lively, freshly perfumed red with notes of cherry, plum and a touch of spice. Rounded, ripe summer berry fruit on the palate with a clean, plummy finish.
125ml£3.30 | 175ml£4.70 | Carafe£12.00 | Bottle£17.00

AGLIANICO, Beneventano, Bellamico, Campania
Ripe fruit on the nose with classic herbal notes. Firm good flavour with a softly dry finish.
125ml£3.40 | 175ml£4.60 | Bottle£17.95

SYRAH, Passo del Tempio, Sicily
Black fruit and berry perfumes with a good balance between ripe black fruits and a fresh structure – supple and rounded.
125ml£3.70 | 175ml£5.10 | Bottle£18.50

CORVINA. Torre del Falasco, Veneto
Soft and smooth with a rich, full nose of dried cherries and cranberries. Clean fruit character with nice balance and rounded tannins
125ml£3.90 | 175ml£5.40 | Bottle£19.50

Concentrated black fruit and coffee nose- intense and chocolaty with dark fruit supported by robust but supple tannins.
125ml£4.20 | 175ml£5.80 | Bottle£21.00

SANGIOVESE ‘POGGIO DEL SASSO’ Cantina di Montalcino, Tuscany
Attractive youthful berry perfume with a touch of smoke – juicy and rounded with soft berry flavours and lovely structure, raspberry perfumes last through to the finish.
125ml£4.80 | 175ml£6.70 | Bottle£24.00

CHIANTI, Da Vinci, Tuscany
Lively perfumed red with cherries, ripe blackberries and a touch of raspberry; supple and fruit driven with a hint of spice and plumy fruit character on the finish.
125ml £4.80 | 175ml£6.70 | Bottle£24.00

NERO D’AVOLA, Vigneti Zabù Sicily
Soft, supple with rich plummy flavours and lovely depth of dark fruit and spice. Fresh and modern but with concentration and ripe fruit that is typically Sicilian.
125ml£5.00 | 175ml£7.00 | Bottle£25.00

NEGROAMARO, A Mano, Puglia
Plummy chocolate perfume on the nose. Fleshy fruit and the tell-tale grip of good Negroamaro, balanced with ripe, spicy tannins.
125ml£5.00 | 175ml £7.00 | Bottle£25.00

VALPOLICELLA, Brigaldara, Verona
A classic and ripe middleweight Valpolicella with a dry herbal finish
125ml £5.20 | 175ml £7.20 | Bottle £27.00

PRIMO ROSSO CARIGNANO’ Cantina Mesa, Sardinia
Vibrant, fresh with rich fragrances of wild berry fruit with a firm structure, herbs and spice. The finish is long and lingering.
125ml£5.60 | 175ml£7.90 | Bottle£28.00

Bitter cherry and a touch of smokiness, rich and full with a spicy, cherry character balanced by smooth, rounded tannins. Supple and long with a bitter twist on the finish.
125ml£6.40 | 175ml£9.00 | Bottle£32.00

CHIANTI CLASSICO, Fontodi, Tuscany
Stunning Chianti from the ‘conca d’oro’ (golden shell) of Panzano; sour cherry and plums with notes of leather and tobacco. Great depth of juicy fruit, supple tannins and a silky smooth texture.

Plum pudding and spice with dried fruit compote and cinnamon, the classic perfumes of good Amarone; solid tannin structure supports and accentuates the concentrated, dried cherry fruit character. Long and spice with a bitter cherry-chocolate twist.

BAROLO ‘LE ALBE’ G.D Vajra, Piemonte
Aldo Vajra’s wines are characterised by pristine flavours and defined perfumes and his ‘Le Albe’ is no exception. Forward aromas of autumn fruit, plums and prunes with a touch of spice and floral notes – great intensity, evolved fruit, powerful tannins and a long smoky finish.
Bottle £60.00

Dessert Wine

Combining the dark cherry perfume of Valpolicella and the rich, slightly raisined notes of Amarone; cinnamon and walnuts blend with bitter cherry giving way to a ripe, fruity palate with a fresh twist of acidity on the finish.

VIN SANTO, Da Vinci Tuscany
Deep amber colour with aromatic dried fruit, figs almonds and honey; rich and velvety, the sweet intensity is perfectly balanced by fresh acidity.